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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home design on a budget

IF you have bought a new home and are planning on moving in soon, then read on.

After spending your hard earned money on buying the perfect house, decorating it can be expensive especially when on a tight budget. Putting your own style and decor will be pleasing and less expensive rather than hiring a professional to design your house.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting in your old furniture or buying new ones:

The dimensions of each room, like the living room, bedroom, the kitchen, etc. have to be measured along with the window space. Once that is in order, the next thing is to wall paper or paint the house. If it is newly constructed you should not have this problem, but if you are the second owner, then you may want to do it. Lighting is also important at this point. Only selected old furniture that is presentable and useful should be brought in, otherwise it would be better to discard it before entering the new home.

* Living room: Maybe the old sofa can be brought in with the side tables and the television. Curtain and rugs can accentuate the room, and if you have to buy them to fit the place, big prints are more advisable. An artificial flower arrangement with big bright flowers on one corner, or on the mantel will make the room look elegant and pleasing.

* Bedroom: A decent bed is all you need. If you already have it, then great! Otherwise, it is time to go to the nearest store and purchase it. Storage space for your personal items is necessary and should match your furniture. A soft, plush, area rug placed on either sides of the bed will provide you a soft place for your feet to land when you wake up.

* The Children's Bedroom: It should be bright and airy, with lovely pleasing to the eye wallpaper and matching curtains. Of course, if your children are small, a bunk bed to one side would be advisable, leaving enough space for them to play with their toys. A study table should also be available for their use as well.

* Kitchen: Good storage cabinets along with a side table are required to store cooking utensils, plates, cups, etc. and give you a space to work on. Packaged food lying around can look messy, so a cabinet is required.

* The Dining Area: This can be a separate area or can be incorporated in the kitchen. The dining table is the place where the family sits together, so it should be big enough to accommodate all members of the house, and at the same time appeal to the eye. A pastel tablecloth with a bright rug below will keep it simple yet elegant. A fresh floral centerpiece personally arranged, will give this place the finish touch.

Now that you have your house nearly done, think of the remaining areas such as the bathrooms and accessories, corridors, entrance, and all the corners that may be left unattended.

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