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Sunday, March 29, 2009

DigiFi Opera PMP Watch and Headphones Head for the Limelight

DigiFi and Kleer will have some sweet releases very soon as shown during CES. This is the set of wireless headphones that works on DigiFi’s PMP watches. The watch will retails for $200 in the first half or early second half of the year. Both new headphones will work with DigiFi’s new PMP watch, a wrist-worn media player with color display, MP3 and MP4 compatibility, pedometer and watch. It also has an integrated Kleer wireless transmitter, capable of sending lossless, CD-quality sound to any Kleer-based headphones or receiver. The DigiFi Kleer set look like a great watch gift item for young girls. Hopefully, they have colors for boys, too.

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