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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eksplorasi Ilmu:Kembara Minda 2011

Hye my friends..

I'm sorry for taking too much times in publishing a post here. Today I want to share very precious moment in my life in my class subject (Public Relation) activities.

I Have been chosen as a Secretary II for this event called "Eksplorasi Ilmu:Kembara Minda" held on 20 November 2011 at National Library of Malaysia. At that moment I have been choose to be a Moderator Ceremony for Ceremony, Interviewed with artist name Yunalis Zarai, then I also act as a Tiger for a Puppet Show.

This program purposely to invite people to come into library and use the library as well in order to help Malaysian people aware about the important of library and knowledge.

Let me give you a view of our program,

1. Program Ceremony by Pn. Hjh. Siti Rodziah Othman (Deputy Director of National Library Malaysia)
2. Library Tour
3. Booth Visit
4. Exclusive Interviewed with Artist (YUNALIS ZARAI) and Pn. A'dillah Mustaffa (Lecturer of Faculty information Management,UiTM) with a good topic : "Setup Home Library, Developing Career, and Management Time as a professional.
5. Coloring 1Malaysia
6. Story Telling by Pn. Nor Zaina Zaharah (Lecturer of Faculty information Management,UiTM) with her title : "Duck and Swan" and "Cat and Dog".
7. Then Group Discussion and Orientation

Evening start at 2pm:
8. Golden Book (Explore Race)
9. Puppet Show by me, Hamizi Hamid and my team
10. Arabic writing
11. Spell It Right
12. Guess Sound
13. Children Imagination
14. Chicken Dance
15. Malaysian Aerobic
16. Exercise with Si Tommy
17. Photography Session
18. Closing Ceremony

Let's see the picture... Enjoy!!

Picture 1 : Hamizi (Faculty of Information Management) and Aini (Faculty of Law, UiTM) being Moderator Ceremony (MC) for the Eksplorasi Ilmu:Kembara Minda 2011 Big Ceremony

Picture 2: Audience/ crowd that come to join the ceremony, almost 200 audience IN and OUT at the Theater Room
Picture 3: A VIP guess attend for ceremony

Picture 4: Tandak Crew Production dance for the Ceremony

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